For more than 20 years

...we have provided teams of interpreters to our clients on various occasions, such as conferences, conventions, specialist congresses, supervisory and management board meetings, shareholder meetings, works council and due diligence meetings.

Our core competence is the oral rendition of the spoken word in another language. This rendition may be simultaneous (at the same time), consecutive (subsequent), liaison interpretation (e.g. for business negotiations), chuchotage (where individuals are “whispered” to), or lecture interpretation (where individual speeches are rendered in another language by means of a special note-taking technique). 

Obviously, we also use the latest technologies and developments and offer our services as remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) or distance interpreting via the respective hubs and platforms.

No matter the occasion or type of interpretation – we are always the right choice for you. We work in all technical fields (medical, technology, economics, natural sciences, law, politics etc.) and provide teams from English to Chinese.

As specialised experts our teams are highly in demand. Therefore, it is advisable to submit your request for interpreters early as otherwise our teams may already have been booked and assigned to other clients.

Our services at a glance:

  • Provision of highly qualified and specialist teams of interpreters
  • Guidance and support for our clients when organising events
  • Consulting services on technical equipment in case of on-site events (PA systems, microphone and loudspeaker systems, simultaneous booths, event technology etc.)
  • Consulting services on technical requirements and opportunities of remote interpreting or distance interpreting
  • Calling for tenders with PA companies and provision of the technical equipment via our partner companies
  • Facilitation and contact for interpreters, clients, and PA companies
  • Joint invoicing of commissioned services

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – we will find the right solution for you and should be glad to submit a quotation.